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Guardian | Apr 22, 2018

Sixty paddlers practising for a race fall into river in southern city of Guilin as two boats capsize in strong currentSeventeen people died after two dragon boats capsized in southern China.The boat crews were practising on Saturday for a race in the Taohua river in the city of Guilin when the accident happened, the city’s fire department said. Continue reading...

The Sydney Morning Herald | Apr 22, 2018

Two dragon boats practicing to race on a river in China have overturned and 17 people drowned, the official Xinhua news agency reported.

Los Angeles Times | Apr 21, 2018

El Camino Real Charter High School in Woodland Hills has won the 2018 U.S. Academic Decathlon, officials said. The winner was announced early Saturday at a ceremony in Frisco, Texas. Over 600 students from the U.S., Canada, China and the United Kingdom gathered there over the last three days to...

The Sydney Morning Herald | Apr 21, 2018

Multiple people have been killed others and others are missing after two dragon boats capsized in southern China, causing 60 people to fall into the water.

The Sydney Morning Herald | Apr 21, 2018

The United Kingdom is vowing to expand its role in the Pacific at a time of growing concern over China’s influence in the region.

Foxnews | Apr 21, 2018

Chinese state broadcaster CCTV says five people have died and others are missing after two dragon boats capsized in southern China, causing 60 people to fall into the water.

Guardian | Apr 20, 2018

End of Neihan Duanzi, which united strangers around funny memes, has driven users underground where they openly question controls over societyThere is a not-so-secret club in China. Members find each other in traffic by honking their horn – one long honk, followed by two short ones. Others identify each other by completing nonsensical couplets: “The son of heaven covers the tiger” – to which the correct response is “chicken stew with mushrooms”.They call themselves duanyou after the app Neihan Duanzi, or “implied jokes”, where until recently some...

New York Times | Apr 20, 2018

Attacks on the animals in southeastern China have unleashed anger and bafflement about the behavior of visitors.

Time | Apr 20, 2018

(WASHINGTON) — Americans largely fear the country’s relationship with Russia and China will get worse in the coming year, and despite signs of diplomatic progress with Kim Jong Un on nuclear weapons, nearly half say the same about North Korea.

That’s according to a new poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research that provides insight into the public’s view on the direction of U.S. ties with those key strategic rivals, 15 months after President Donald Trump took office.
“Trump has opened up a whole bucket of worms, and he’s doing it with too many...

Guardian | Apr 20, 2018

Five ships carrying tonnes of sorghum change course hours after Beijing imposes rule requiring 178% depositShips laden with more than 1.2m tonnes of US sorghum bound for China may have no where to go amid the ongoing trade tensions between Beijing and Washington.Twenty ships carrying more than $216m worth of sorghum were at sea on Friday, according to Reuters, but least five of them had changed course within hours of China’s announcement this week that it would place...

Guardian | Apr 20, 2018

Authorities report two 6.5-magnitude quakes at opposite ends of country that were in fact drills Chinese authorities have admitted accidentally reporting two major earthquakes that had never happened but were instead drills unintentionally released to the public. Late on Thursday, China’s earthquake administration said on its website there had been two 6.5-magnitude quakes just 10 seconds apart at opposite ends of the country – in the far-western region of Xinjiang and the south-western province of Yunnan.

Foxnews | Apr 19, 2018

Australia's prime minister says the Australian navy has a "perfect right" to traverse the South China Sea after a media report that the Chinese navy challenged three Australian warships in the hotly contested waterway.

Time | Apr 19, 2018

(SEOUL, South Korea) — South Korean President Moon Jae-in said Thursday that his rival, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, isn’t asking for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from the Korean Peninsula as a precondition for abandoning his nuclear weapons. If true, this would seem to remove a major sticking point to a potential nuclear disarmament deal.
North Korea, a small, authoritarian nation surrounded by bigger and richer neighbors, has always linked its pursuit of nuclear weapons to what it calls a “hostile” U.S. policy that is embodied by the 28,500 U.S. troops stationed in South Korea...

Guardian | Apr 19, 2018

Calls for state governments to invest in long-term recycling and sustainable waste solutions• Sign up to receive the top stories in Australia every day at noon The body representing Australian councils is urging the federal government to take seriously China’s effective ban on accepting shipments of plastic for recycling, warning it should not ignore potential implications for trade between the two countries.The Australian Local Government Association is calling on state governments to stop treating hundreds of...

Guardian | Apr 19, 2018

Malcolm Turnbull says Australia asserts ‘right to freedom of navigation’ through oceansChina’s military issued “robust” challenges to three Australian warships as they travelled through the South China Sea to Vietnam earlier this month, the ABC reports.Defence sources said the confrontations between HMAS Anzac, HMAS Toowoomba and HMAS Success and the People’s Liberation Army occurred ahead of the Australian vessels’ arrival for a three-day goodwill visit in Ho Chi Minh City...