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Los Angeles Times | Feb 25, 2018

China’s Communist Party plans to eliminate presidential term limits, paving the way for Xi Jinping to stay in office and solidify control over the world’s most populous country. Senior officials proposed removing from the constitution language that permits the president and vice president to serve...

Washington Post | Feb 25, 2018

A new proposal could change the way China is governed.

Foxnews | Feb 25, 2018

China's ruling Communist Party has proposed scrapping term limits for the country's president, the official news agency said Sunday, appearing to lay the groundwork for party leader Xi Jinping to rule as president beyond 2023.

Time | Feb 25, 2018

(BEIJING) — China’s ruling Communist Party has proposed scrapping term limits for the country’s president, the official news agency said Sunday, appearing to lay the groundwork for party leader Xi Jinping to rule as president beyond 2023.
The party’s Central Committee proposed to remove from the constitution the expression that China’s president and vice president “shall serve no more than two consecutive terms,” the Xinhua News Agency said.
“Xi Jinping has finally achieved his ultimate goal when he first embarked on Chinese politics — that is to be the Mao Zedong of the 21st...

Guardian | Feb 25, 2018

China’s Communist party chiefs propose constitutional change to allow president to stay onThe Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, already considered the country’s most dominant since Mao Zedong, looks to have further cemented his grip on power after Beijing unveiled plans to scrap the presidency’s two-term limit.China’s official news agency, Xinhua, announced the dramatic news on Sunday in a bland 36-word dispatch. It paves the way for Xi to remain in power well into the next decade and perhaps even beyond.

The Sydney Morning Herald | Feb 25, 2018

China is set to lift the limit on a president serving a maximum of two terms, potentially paving the way for Xi Jinping to continue in power.

New York Times | Feb 25, 2018

China’s Communist Party has proposed revising the nation’s Constitution to end a two-term limit, which would allow Xi Jinping to remain president, perhaps indefinitely.

Foxnews | Feb 24, 2018

A foreign ministry official says China will "seriously" deal with any breaches of U.N. Security Council resolutions on North Korea should they be found.

Guardian | Feb 24, 2018

High school sweethearts – both originally from China’s Xinjiang Uighur region – dreamed of living together in AustraliaThe last time Almas Nizamidin saw his wife was on Valentine’s Day last year, when he flew from Australia to China to surprise her. Now she’s in prison.A month after his visit to China, his newly pregnant wife, Bizainafu Abudourexit, was caught up in a Chinese crackdown on the Uighur Muslim minority group, detained without charge, and sentenced to seven years in jail with no legal support.

The Sydney Morning Herald | Feb 24, 2018

China has reacted with anger to new US sanctions aimed at increasing pressure on nuclear-equipped North Korea, saying the unilateral targeting of Chinese firms and people risked harming co-operation on the problem.

Time | Feb 24, 2018

Move over Alina Zagitova. Step aside Mirai Nagasu. And yes, even Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, please take several seats for a moment.
There’s a new act in town, and it’s this guy, the Olympics streaker who crashed the festivities in...

Los Angeles Times | Feb 24, 2018

The letter was more than 1,000 years old. In 1900, a Daoist monk named Wang Yuanlu unearthed an ancient Buddhist cave library near the town of Dunhuang in western China. When he pried open the sealed cave, he found inside, among other relics, a brittle, handwritten letter from the 9th century,...

The Sydney Morning Herald | Feb 23, 2018

Donald Trump has warned of conflict with North Korea and tougher trade rules with China during a press conference with Malcolm Turnbull.

New York Times | Feb 23, 2018

President Xi Jinping of China is sending Liu He, his top economic policy maker and a recent addition to the Politburo, to Washington on Tuesday.

Time | Feb 23, 2018

(WASHINGTON) — The Trump administration hit more than 50 vessels, shipping companies and trade businesses with sanctions Wednesday in its latest bid to pressure North Korea over its nuclear program.
The administration billed it as the largest installment of North Korean economic restrictions to date. President Donald Trump went further, declaring in a speech Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference that it was “the heaviest sanctions ever imposed on a country before.”
While the number of companies from North Korea and other nations was high, the economic impact is...