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Time | Mar 18, 2018

(MOSCOW) — Russia’s presidential election was tainted Sunday by unprecedented pressure on voters to turn out and incidents of suspected ballot box stuffing — a barely democratic exercise that will grant Vladimir Putin another six years of power.
His critics have called the election a farce and urged voters to boycott, but millions of Russians hail the 65-year-old former KGB officer for defending their proud nation from a hostile outside world.
Putin is facing seven challengers on the ballot but the outcome of the vote is pre-ordained, given his high popularity ratings. The...

Foxnews | Mar 18, 2018

After China's rubber-stamp legislature reappointed Xi Jinping as China's president with no term limits, the communist country's massive propaganda efforts kicked into high gear.

New York Times | Mar 18, 2018

The choice almost guarantees continuity in policy as China tries to slow its rise in debt while avoiding any sharp deceleration in economic growth.

Guardian | Mar 18, 2018

Beijing says bill violates ‘one China’ policy and asks US to stop pursuing official ties with TaipeiChina has called on the US to “correct its mistake” after Donald Trump approved rules allowing top-level US officials to travel to Taiwan to meet their Taipei counterparts.US representatives can already travel to democratic Taiwan and Taiwanese officials occasionally visit the White House, but meetings are usually low profile to avoid offending China. Continue reading...

Guardian | Mar 18, 2018

US protectionism is in accord with the spirit of the times – but it won’t have a happy endingMuch to the delight of Hollywood, Donald Trump wants to open a new front in his trade offensive by punishing China for theft of America’s intellectual property rights.The US entertainment industry is not awfully keen on Trump, having strongly backed Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, but is even less keen on its movies and TV shows being ripped off by the world’s most populous country.

The Sydney Morning Herald | Mar 18, 2018

The embarrassment deepens” for the Czech president after a mysterious adviser is detained in China amid a popular backlash at home.

Los Angeles Times | Mar 18, 2018

China Dow scored 21 points and played stingy defense in the paint against Missouri star Sophie Cunningham, and Florida Gulf Coast pulled off an upset in the Lexington Regional. Cunningham took over on the low block to get Missouri (24-8) going and scored a season-high 35 points — most by a Tigers...

Guardian | Mar 17, 2018

President’s reappointment for unlimited terms in office sends the state propaganda machine into overdrive China’s propaganda drive has kicked into overdrive following Xi Jinping’s unanimous reappointment as president at the weekend. Xi’s face dominated the front pages of major Sunday newspapers, many carrying the same editorial from the ruling Communist party’s official People’s Daily about Xi’s reappointment as president on Saturday.

New York Times | Mar 17, 2018

China, Russia, North Korea and Iran are relying on smuggling rings to secure equipment that can be used for weapons, satellites and fighter jets.

Guardian | Mar 17, 2018

National People’s Congress also appoints Xi ally Wang Qishan to post of vice-presidentChina’s legislature has unanimously approved the reappointment of Xi Jinping as president with no limit on the number of terms he can serve.The National People’s Congress also appointed close Xi ally Wang Qishan to the formerly ceremonial post of vice-president. Related: 'Shameless naysayers': Chinese media hits back at questions over Xi Jinping's power grab...

npr | Mar 17, 2018

While this month's constitutional reform stirred political controversy, some economists say it could have a positive flip side for the global economy.(Image credit: Andy Wong/AP)

Los Angeles Times | Mar 17, 2018

Twenty years ago, with a University of Oregon architecture degree under his belt, Bay Area kid Daniel Wu took a serendipitous trip to Hong Kong as his graduation present. He wanted to witness the handover, stay a few months, then go home and figure out what to do with his life. But a chance scouting...

Foxnews | Mar 17, 2018

China's rubber-stamp legislature has appointed a close ally of President Xi Jinping to the formerly ceremonial post of vice president.

Foxnews | Mar 16, 2018

Xi Jinping was reappointed Saturday as China's president with no limit on the number of terms he can serve.

The Sydney Morning Herald | Mar 16, 2018

The move adds to strains between the two countries, as Beijing would rather the US respected the One China policy.