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People's Daily | Dec 04, 2011

Although genetically modified foods have been grown and sold in China for some time, the term still makes the public jittery.

Debates on genetic modification range from safety concerns, environmental impact, food security, ethics to politics. When all these issues come into play, discussions on GM become complicated.

When Chinese consumers surf the Internet for information on oil made from imported GM soybeans - the most common GM product on the Chinese market - it's likely they will becom ...

BBC | Dec 04, 2011

Two giant pandas arrive in Edinburgh, heading for Edinburgh Zoo, after an nine-hour flight from China.

Voice of Russia | Dec 04, 2011

China has been ranked first in terms of renewable energy investment. The country says it is going to spend $470 billion on clean energy investments in the next five years. With its moderate oil and gas resources, China has to develop alternative sources of energy.

BBC | Dec 04, 2011

Is China sailing inexorably towards a slowdown?

People's Daily | Dec 04, 2011

NANNING, Dec. 4 (Xinhua) -- China has become the world's biggest investor in renewable energy sources, said a senior environmental official on Saturday during a forum held in Nanning, the capital of Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.

China invested over 300 billion yuan (47.31 billion U.S. dollars) in renewable energy sources in 2010, outranking every other country, said Wang Yuqing, deputy director of the Committee of Population, Resources and Environment of the CPPCC National Committee.

T ...

People's Daily | Dec 04, 2011

BEIJING, Dec. 3 (Xinhua) -- A ceremony was held here on Saturday to celebrate the 70th founding anniversary of the state-run China Radio International (CRI), the country's only radio with world service.

The event was attended by more than 700 people, including the country's major publicity officials, leaders of top news organizations, foreign diplomats and representatives of overseas listeners.

Li Changchun, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party ...

People's Daily | Dec 04, 2011

China needs to boost its competitiveness, especially in service trade, to make use of its WTO membership, said WTO experts.

Zheng Zhihai said it was beyond his imagination 10 years ago that China would be the largest exporter and the second-largest economy in the world. Zheng is vice chairman of China Society for WTO Studies, a think tank of the Ministry of Commerce.

"China has developed too fast, and it needs to slow down as some problems have emerged," Zheng said.

China has exported ...

People's Daily | Dec 04, 2011

WASHINGTON - A US federal trade panel determined on Friday that the US solar industry was materially injured by imports of solar cells from China.

All the six commissioners of the US International Trade Commission (USITC) voted in the affirmative in the case, which was filed by a group of US photovoltaic (PV) companies.

These companies alleged that Chinese PV products were subsidized by the Chinese government and sold in the US market at less than fair market value.

The USITC's move cle ...

People's Daily | Dec 03, 2011

China's autumn harvest surpassed expectations this year, despite a constant battle with droughts, floods and pests. China Daily agriculture reporter Jin Zhu looks at how the world's most populous country makes sure it has enough to eat, and enough to help feed the world.

China's total output for grain this year hit a record high of 571 million tons, making it the eighth consecutive year production has exceeded forecast. More than 70 percent of this increase is expected to come from Northeast ...

People's Daily | Dec 03, 2011

China's central government has ordered local governments to extend restrictions on the property market, some of which are set to expire within coming months.

The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development has emphasized the need for policy continuity in the property market, and has forbidden local governments from making "directional change," the Legal Evening News reported yesterday, citing unidentified officials with the ministry.

Last year, 48 cities issued restrictions on the numb ...

Guardian | Dec 03, 2011

Decision to permit protests and ceasefire with Shan rebels announced as US secretary of state concludes tripBurma has approved a new law permitting peaceful protest for the first time at the end of a high-profile visit by the US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, the first by such a senior US government official in five decades.The new law, signed by President Thein Sein and reported by Burmese state media, requires protesters to seek permission at least five days in advance.Demonstrations of any kind were previously banned in the traditionally repressive nation, where authorities have...

Guardian | Dec 03, 2011

Undercover investigation alleges hours of overtime, late wages and fines for using the toilet without permissionWith Christmas three weeks away, an undercover investigation has revealed the bleak realities of life in Chinese toy factories serving a market worth £2.8bn a year in the UK alone.Big brands such as Disney, Lego and Marks & Spencer pay only a fraction of the shop price of products to the factories that make their toys. Last summer – as factories geared up to cope with demand for the Christmas period – investigators spent three weeks in the industrial cities of Shenzhen and...

Guardian | Dec 03, 2011

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader says arrival of Chinese pandas at Edinburgh zoo should spur rights debateThe arrival of two pandas at Edinburgh zoo should be used as a chance to engage China over human rights issues, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has said."The pandas have caught the public's imagination. Now is the time to put human rights front and centre of the political debate while people are listening," he said."Alex Salmond has been curiously silent over human rights issues. He must tell us what discussions he has had about human rights during his trip. We must make...

BBC | Dec 03, 2011

Last minute preparations are being made for the arrival of two giant pandas which are being brought from China to Edinburgh Zoo.

BBC | Dec 03, 2011

Ten years since the term "BRICs" was coined - referring to the economic powerhouses of Brazil, Russia, India and China - China's role is fast overtaking in the Gulf.