China News

New York Times | Dec 16, 2011

More than a year and a half after Gao Zhisheng disappeared, China’s government gave the first sign Friday that he is alive, saying he would be sent to prison for three years for violating his probation.

Christian Science Monitor | Dec 16, 2011

Actor Christian Bale, in China to promote 'The Flowers of War,' tussled with thugs as he tried to visit Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng. Was the encounter a bit self-promotional or helpful?

Voice of Russia | Dec 16, 2011

Direct foreign investments in the Chinese economy have dropped by nearly 10 percent over the past month marking the first break in China’s sustainable investment growth that continued since August 2009.

Guardian | Dec 16, 2011

Actor shoved and prevented from meeting lawyer Chen Guangcheng, who is under house arrest in Shandong provinceChristian Bale, star of Batman and The Fighter, has been roughed up by guards in China while attempting to visit a human rights lawyer who has been under house arrest for over a year.Embarrassingly for the authorities, the actor was in Beijing to promote his new state-backed movie, The Flowers of War.Bale was trying to visit blind lawyer Chen Guangcheng, who has been living in isolation...

Guardian | Dec 16, 2011

The standoff in Wukan exemplifies the growing tensions between state and society in a rapidly urbanising countryAfter continuous confrontation between villagers and local officials for almost four months, the land grab in the fishing village of Wukan, in Guandong province, China, has now led to the death of one of the elected village leaders in police custody, and further escalated into a violent "mass incident"...

People's Daily | Dec 16, 2011

HONG KONG, Dec. 16 (Xinhua) -- Hong Kong stocks gained 258.55 points or 1.43 percent, to close at 18,285.39 on Friday, tracking afternoon's rally in the Chinese mainland markets and recoveries in other regional index.

The benchmark Hang Seng Index traded between a day low of 18,025.60 and a day high of 18,390.41. Turnover totaled 54.34 billion HK dollars (6.98 billion U.S. dollars), compared with Thursday's 58.67 billion HK dollars.

Property and financial heavyweights led the charge, which ...

People's Daily | Dec 16, 2011

BEIJING, Dec. 16 (Xinhua) -- China's old-for-new home appliance subsidy program had stimulated 300.4 billion yuan (47.68 billion U.S. dollars) in sales by the end of November, the Ministry of Commerce said Friday.

The sales volume of five types of home appliances under the government subsidy scheme -- televisions, air conditioners, computers, refrigerators and washing machines -- reached 81.3 million units by the end of last month, the ministry said in a statement on its website.

Meanwhile ...

People's Daily | Dec 16, 2011

BEIJING, Dec. 16 (Xinhua) -- China United Coalbed Methane Co. and its U.S. partner Asian American Gas, Inc. said Friday that they have gotten the government nod on their development plan for the Panzhuang coalbed methane project in central China's Shanxi province.

The two companies said the Panzhuang project is the first Sino-foreign commercial coalbed methane project in the country.

Each company holds a 50-percent stake in the project, and Sino-American Energy, Inc., a subsidiary of the U ...

People's Daily | Dec 16, 2011

BEIJING, Dec. 16 (Xinhua) -- Although China cannot rise as the savior of the floundering world economy, its stable growth will offer more than just confidence amid deep economic gloom.

China wrapped up its most important economic meeting of the year with an agreement to focus on maintaining stable economic growth while preventing a potentially destabilizing rebound in inflation next year amid the "extremely grim and complicated" global outlook.

Economic targets mapped out at the meeting al ...

People's Daily | Dec 16, 2011

BEIJING - China lowered the average import tariffs on some goods on Thursday in order to boost imports and promote balanced trade, said an expert with the Ministry of Finance (MOF).

"As global economic growth is slowing, many countries have taken measures to reduce imports. In this instance, China's move to cut tariffs shows its responsibility to the world," said Liu Shangxi, deputy chief of the Research Institute for Fiscal Science under the MOF.

The average tariff on more than 730 kinds ...

People's Daily | Dec 16, 2011

BEIJING, Dec. 16 (Xinhua) -- China on Friday put into operation a project extending its ultra high voltage (UHV) system to boost electricity transmission capacity from the country's energy-rich northern regions to the power-short central provinces.

After the extension, the 640-km Jindongnan-Nanyang-Jingmen 1,000-kilovolt alternating grids will double the electricity transmission capacity and greatly relieve the power shortage when demand peaks in winter and summer under the Central China Grid ...

Washington Post | Dec 16, 2011

BEIJING — The United States produces billions of broiler chickens each year, specially bred to be big and juicy, with plump, sturdy feet to hold them up. And for years, all those feet were considered excess parts, and mostly ground into pet food.
But here in China, those same feet are a popular crunchy snack, typically cooked and marinated, and often washed down with a beer. And so, a few years ago, a kind of trade synergy began, with the United States shipping to China all those otherwise worthless chicken feet. The trade grew rapidly, from virtually nothing a decade ago to 377,805...

BBC | Dec 16, 2011

Morning newspaper round-up: China's police agency promises to promote school bus safety by granting "utmost right of way".

Guardian | Dec 16, 2011

Bale was attempting to visit Chen Guangcheng who has been under house arrest in Dongshigu village for 15 monthsHollywood actor Christian Bale was roughed up by Chinese security guards as he attempted to visit a blind legal activist whose detention has sparked a domestic and international outcry, according to reports on Friday. Bale, who plays crime-fighting superhero Batman, and the camera crew from CNN were jostled by men in plain clothes from Dongshigu village in eastern Shandong province, where activist...

People's Daily | Dec 16, 2011

Shanghai's stock market yesterday tumbled for the sixth consecutive day on concerns that China will not ease its monetary policies despite a contraction in manufacturing activities.

The Shanghai Composite Index lost 2.1 percent to end at 2,180.9 points, the lowest since March 16, 2009.

The HSBC Flash China Purchasing Managers' Index touched 49 for December, 1.3 points higher than the 32-month low in November but it is still considered as a contraction, an HSBC report said yesterday. A read ...