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Voice of Russia | Nov 23, 2011

China feels that the UN General Assembly resolution on Syria will fail to help bring the regional situation back to normal, the Chinese Foreign Ministry official spokesman Liu Weimin told a news briefing earlier today. Beijing has always proceeded from the assumption that promoting constructive dialogue and cooperation is the only way to ensure human rights, the diplomat said.

npr | Nov 23, 2011

China's reputation as a low-cost manufacturer hasn't translated into low-cost prices. Many goods, particularly luxury items, have higher price tags in China than abroad. One economist blames the transportation system and corruption.» E-Mail This     » Add to

BBC | Nov 22, 2011

India's Maoist insurgency is gaining a foothold in strategically located states bordering China and Burma, officials and analysts say.

Los Angeles Times | Nov 22, 2011

The Berkeley restaurateur takes on the challenge of staying true to her philosophy of eating local and buying organic in cooking for 250 people as part of a U.S.-China forum.Here is a nightmare assignment for a restaurateur:

Guardian | Nov 22, 2011

White paper outlining China's recent achievements seen as attempt to minimise blame if talks in Durban break downChina's climate negotiators fired off a pre-emptive volley on Wednesday, with the most detailed report to date on the progress the country has made to ease greenhouse gases, and the strategy it will adopt at next week's climate talks in Durban.With the world's biggest carbon emitter expected to come under intense pressure in South Africa, the government released the white paper to highlight its achievements on renewables, afforestation and...

BBC | Nov 22, 2011

China continues to open up its currency to international trade and finance in a $63bn swap deal with Hong Kong.

Voice of Russia | Nov 22, 2011

At least seven people are reported missing in the wake of a South Korean dry-cargo carrier sinking in the South China Sea. According to the South Korean Foreign Ministry, the ships nearest to the area of the accident have taken 14 survived crewmembers, - six South Koreans and eight Myanmar nationals.

Guardian | Nov 22, 2011

Thousands march to denounce corrupt officials and factory strikes spread as sluggish demand hits workers' payThousands of villagers angry that officials failed to address their grievances after riots two months ago marched to a government office in southern China to demand the return of land they say was illegally seized, witnesses and media said.The protest came after a series of strikes in factories in Guangdong province, China's economic powerhouse.Rural land disputes are increasing and spreading to the undeveloped west of the country, according to a poll published in October in a...

New York Times | Nov 22, 2011

With global climate talks set to begin next week, China on Tuesday issued the most comprehensive document yet on its plans and negotiating positions on emissions.

Washington Post | Nov 22, 2011

BEIJING — China’s climate change envoy says global financial woes have put climate issues on the back burner for now, but they have not diminished the need for a multibillion-dollar fund to help developing countries cope with global warming.
Delegates at a U.N.-sponsored climate change conference that starts Nov. 28 in Durban, South Africa, are to consider ways to raise $100 billion a year for the Green Climate Fund.

Washington Post | Nov 22, 2011

SEOUL, South Korea — A South Korean freighter has sunk in the South China Sea, leaving seven crew members missing, South Korean officials said Tuesday.
South Korea’s Foreign Ministry said that 14 other crew members have been rescued from the 15,000-ton ship, “Bright Ruby,” which sank Monday afternoon south of Hong Kong amid bad weather. The ship is owned by a South Korean company.
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People's Daily | Nov 21, 2011

BEIJING, Nov. 21 (Xinhua) -- China on Monday introduced a draft regulation on the management of government offices to rein in extravagant government expenditures.

The draft regulation, published by the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council, obliges government agencies above the county level to integrate official overseas visits, public vehicles and maintenance, and official receptions into their budget control, and devise spending plans on these three items.

According to the draf ...

People's Daily | Nov 21, 2011

BEIJING - China's top foreign exchange regulator said on Monday that China will continue to crack down on the influx of hot money as a result of complicated economic conditions at home and abroad.

"Outstanding achievements have been made in the country's campaign against hot money inflows," Deng
Xianhong, deputy director of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE), said in a statement on SAFE's website.

SAFE investigated 1,865 cases of foreign exchange irregularities in the fi ...

New York Times | Nov 21, 2011

The success of the U.S.-China Forum on the Arts and Culture raises an uncomfortable question for the United States: Why are there not more programs like it?

New York Times | Nov 21, 2011

Obama says the move will shore up alliances in Asia. China sees darker motives.