China News

New York Times | Aug 10, 2018

As exasperating as the debate about tech giants’ role in policing content may be for Americans, people in China can only dream of having such discussions.

Time | Aug 10, 2018

For much of the world, the last chance to catch an eclipse for awhile is about to happen.
This weekend’s partial solar eclipse will span across many countries in the Northern hemisphere on Saturday, Aug. 11 — becoming what could be the most widely viewed solar eclipse of 2018.

Time | Aug 10, 2018

On Aug. 5, a 6.9-magnitude earthquake ruptured the northern reaches of the Indonesian island of Lombok, killing at least 319 people, displacing more than 160,000, destroying tens of thousands of homes, and burying villagers beneath the rubble of mosques and other structures. The disaster struck exactly one week after a foreshock clocked in with a strength of 6.4-magnitude and left 20 people dead.

Foxnews | Aug 09, 2018

Authorities in northwestern China were poised to begin demolition of a mosque Friday despite protests by hundreds of members of the country's Muslim Hui ethnic minority determined to preserve the newly built structure.

Guardian | Aug 09, 2018

Sir Philip Green had planned to open Topshop stores across China with local franchiseeSir Philip Green has parted company with his Chinese franchise partner in a major setback for his ambitions to conquer the global fashion market with Topshop.Topshop’s parent company, Arcadia, formed a partnership with online retailer Shangpin in 2014 that made Topshop and Topman fashions available to Chinese shoppers via an Asos-style website for the first time. Two years later they...

Los Angeles Times | Aug 09, 2018

For many, the name Winnie the Pooh recalls childhood bedtime stories and Saturday morning cartoons. But in China, the famous honey-hunting bear has become a symbol of resistance. Starting in 2013, memes comparing Winnie the Pooh's appearance to that of Chinese President Xi Jinping began to circulate...

New York Times | Aug 09, 2018

Public housing estates in Hong Kong have become wildly popular destinations for photography, drawing the ire of some residents.

The Sydney Morning Herald | Aug 09, 2018

Australia has struggled for decades to strike the right tone in responding to China's growth as a global power.

Guardian | Aug 08, 2018

Real Bodies show at NEC leads to call for an investigation into exhibits’ identities The bodies of 20 Chinese people featured in a UK museum exhibition could be those of prisoners once detained in labour camps, and victims of the death penalty in China, according to a leading doctor.The Real Bodies exhibition, currently at the Birmingham NEC, publicly displays the skinless preserved bodies. But there are now calls for an investigation into their identities and cause of death to be held while they are in the UK....

Time | Aug 08, 2018

If you were hoping for a chance to stay in an open-air luxury suite on the Great Wall of China, don’t book your plane ticket quite yet. Airbnb has cancelled their stay on the world heritage site.

Guardian | Aug 08, 2018

Peak Pegasus became unlikely hit on Chinese social media as it tried to beat tariff deadlineA shipment of soybeans worth more than $20m (£15.5m) has been bobbing aimlessly in the Pacific Ocean for a month, a casualty of the escalating trade war between China and the US.Lingering uncertainty over the cargo’s fate offered a timely reminder of the fallout from a dispute that intensified on Wednesday, as the US president, Donald Trump, unveiled a second round of tariffs on $16bn of Chinese goods,...

Guardian | Aug 08, 2018

Beijing poised to outstrip Australia as largest donor for the first time, with Papua New Guinea the major beneficiaryChina is set to overtake Australia as the largest donor to the Pacific region, after pledging US$4bn in aid to the region last year.Australia has traditionally been the most significant donor to the Pacific, but in 2017 China committed to spending more than four times as much as Australia, data from the Lowy Institute thinktank published today shows. Continue reading......

The Sydney Morning Herald | Aug 08, 2018

Australia has struggled for decades to strike the right tone in responding to China's growth as a global power.

Los Angeles Times | Aug 08, 2018

China will welcome a giant prehistoric shark into its theaters this weekend — but not a beloved teddy bear named Winnie the Pooh. Warner Bros.’s “The Meg,” about an ancient predator that rises from the deep to terrorize humanity, is the latest Hollywood offering to bet on audience’s fascination...

Time | Aug 08, 2018

Bo Kyi remembers the day he became a revolutionary. It was a Monday.
“March 14, 1988. Because that [day] changed my life,” he tells TIME from Mae Sot, Thailand. Then a final-year literature student at Rangoon Arts & Sciences University and now a leading rights activist and former political prisoner, Bo Kyi was galvanized into action by Myanmar’s corrupt and incompetent dictatorship. “We were really dissatisfied and we wanted justice,” he says.
It’s been 30 years since massive, student-led uprisings in Myanmar shook the struggling country’s foundations and threatened to...