China News

Foxnews | Feb 10, 2019

A strike among pilots at Taiwan's flag carrier China Airlines has dragged into a third day, resulting in further flight cancellations.

The Sydney Morning Herald | Feb 10, 2019

Air New Zealand said a technicality meant 'the particular aircraft' did not have Chinese regulatory authority to land in China.

Foxnews | Feb 09, 2019

Authorities say five people have been killed in southern China after an explosion at an illegal fireworks stand.

Guardian | Feb 09, 2019

Ankara calls for UN to act on ‘human tragedy’ of re-education of the Turkic-speaking minority in Xinjiang provinceTurkey has condemned China’s treatment of its Muslim ethnic Uighur people as “a great embarrassment for humanity”, adding to rights groups’ recent criticism over mass detentions of the Turkic-speaking minority.“The systematic assimilation policy of Chinese authorities towards Uighur Turks is a great embarrassment for humanity,” Turkish foreign ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy said in a statement.

Time | Feb 09, 2019

(Bloomberg) — Turkey demanded Chinese authorities respect human rights of the Muslim Uighur minority and close “concentration camps” imprisoning them.

Foxnews | Feb 09, 2019

The U.S. ambassador to Canada says her country is deeply concerned about China's "unlawful" detention of two Canadians.

Washington Post | Feb 09, 2019

The crisis undermines U.S. efforts to sustain a coalition of Asian democracies to contain China.

Foxnews | Feb 09, 2019

Blizzards in Tibetan areas of western China have left thousands of head of livestock dead and roads covered in up to 45 centimeters (18 inches) of snow.

Foxnews | Feb 08, 2019

China says peaceful dialogue and political means are the "only way" toward enduring peace in Venezuela and says it backs multinational efforts toward that end.

Guardian | Feb 08, 2019

Although there is a cloud over economy, the silver lining is central banks are more dovishAfter the synchronised global economic expansion of 2017 came the asynchronous growth of 2018, when most countries other than the US started to experience slowdowns. Worries about US inflation, the US Federal Reserve’s policy trajectory, trade wars, Italian budget and debt woes, China’s slowdown and emerging-market fragilities led to a sharp fall in global equity markets toward the end of the year.The good news at the start of 2019 is that the risk of an outright global recession is low. The bad news...

Time | Feb 08, 2019

What Happened This Week:
U.S. President Donald Trump this week nominated David Malpass as World Bank president. The Treasury Department undersecretary for international affairs and former senior economic advisor to the Trump campaign has been a fierce critic of the institution. He will replace Jim Yong Kim, who resigned unexpectedly last month.
Why It Matters:
At the most elemental level, the nomination of Malpass matters because a person openly critical of the World...

Guardian | Feb 08, 2019

Huang says treatment is ‘grotesquely unfair’ and his donations should be returned if they were not appropriateThe Chinese billionaire and major political donor Huang Xiangmo has hit out at a decision to bar him from Australia, describing his treatment as “grotesquely unfair” and telling political parties to return his money if they believe it was given inappropriately.Huang has been effectively barred from re-entering Australia after authorities blocked his...

Time | Feb 08, 2019

(SYDNEY) — Australia’s leading cybersecurity agency is investigating a breach of the country’s federal parliamentary computing network amid speculation of hacking by a foreign nation.
Lawmakers and staff in the capital, Canberra, were made to change their passwords on the system after the overnight breach.
A joint statement from House of Representatives Speaker Tony Smith and Senate President Scott Ryan says there’s no evidence that data had been accessed in the breach, but investigations are continuing.
“We have no evidence that this is an attempt to influence the...

Time | Feb 07, 2019

(CUCUTA, Colombia) — Trucks carrying U.S. humanitarian aid destined for Venezuela arrived Thursday at the Colombian border, where opposition leaders vowed to bring them into their troubled nation despite objections from embattled President Nicolas Maduro.
Two semi-trailers loaded with boxed emergency food and medicine rolled into the Colombian border city of Cucuta, which is just across the river from Venezuela.
“The United States is prepositioning relief items — including food, nutritional supplements, hygiene kits and medical supplies — in Colombia so they are available to...

Time | Feb 07, 2019

A passing typhoon has just tickled southern China’s Hainan Island, churning the sea into angry peaks. One glance is enough for Li An Xiao and Zhao Zhi Ping to cancel their customary 7 a.m. swim, the kind of unspoken agreement that comes with half a century of happy marriage.
Instead, they join dozens of other retirees performing calisthenics at the adjacent exercise park, where one silver-haired gent nonchalantly hangs upside down from the monkey bars.