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New York Times | Apr 09, 2018

Before killing herself, Gao Yan accused her professor of assault. Her death may now force a belated reckoning in China’s male-dominated halls of power.

Guardian | Apr 09, 2018

In Chinese president’s first public remarks since tariff dispute began, he tempers veiled warning to Donald Trump with promise to lower leviesChinese leader Xi Jinping has issued a veiled warning to Donald Trump as the threat of a trade war with the US simmers, calling on other countries to refrain from “seeking dominance” and “reject power politics,” adding that “arrogance ... will get [you] nowhere”.The Chinese president did not directly address his country’s ongoing tit-for...

Guardian | Apr 09, 2018

Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop says she is not aware of plans for base, but it would be a matter for VanuatuThe Australian foreign minister, Julie Bishop, has said she is not aware of any Chinese plans to establish a military base in Vanuatu.Fairfax Media reported on Tuesday that China was eyeing a base in the Pacific nation. China has diplomatic relations with many Pacific nations and is a major backer of development projects in Vanuatu,...

npr | Apr 09, 2018

When a Chinese wind turbine maker stole vital trade secrets from American Superconductor, the damage was enormous. The theft cost the firm hundreds of millions of dollars and resulted in mass layoffs.(Image credit: Stringer China/Reuters)

Los Angeles Times | Apr 09, 2018

U.S. stocks are surging Monday as investors' fears about a trade war between the U.S. and China ease once again. Technology companies such as Apple and Microsoft are bouncing back from their recent losses, and bank shares are rising along with interest rates. Stocks have alternated between big...

Time | Apr 09, 2018

(NEW YORK) — An ancient human finger bone found in Saudi Arabia provides a new clue about when and how our species migrated out of Africa.
Researchers say it shows hunter-gatherers had reached that area by 85,000 years ago. Previously discovered human fossils show an earlier human presence in Israel and possibly China.
Scientists believe early people left Africa more than once after evolving there at least 300,000 years ago.
The bone, from an adult and most likely a middle finger, was found in 2016 about 340 miles (550 kilometers) southeast of the Sinai Peninsula. Michael...

Time | Apr 09, 2018

Over the weekend, experts on military artificial intelligence from more than 80 world governments converged on the U.N. offices in Geneva for the start of a week’s talks on autonomous weapons systems. Many of them fear that after gunpowder and nuclear weapons, we are now on the brink of a “third revolution in warfare,” heralded by killer robots—the fully autonomous weapons that could decide who to target and kill without human input. With autonomous technology already in development in several countries, the talks mark a...

npr | Apr 09, 2018

Steve Inskeep talks to William Zarit, head of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Beijing about the escalating tariffs to find out how things are playing out in China.

New York Times | Apr 09, 2018

The United States is Europe’s biggest trading partner, but China is closing fast. If a trade war breaks out, neutrality may not be an option.

The Sydney Morning Herald | Apr 09, 2018

EU stalwarts France and Germany face some tough decisions as they try to avert a looming trade war between China and the United States.

Guardian | Apr 09, 2018

Chinese project to build 55km bridge spirals in row with Hong Kong, with mainland officials insisting parts of structure were designed to sinkAuthorities overseeing construction of the world’s longest sea bridge are working to allay concerns that parts of the massive structure are starting to drift away in the sea.Construction of the 55km bridge connecting Hong Kong, Macau, and mainland China involves the building of artificial islands, new roads, and an undersea tunnel. Photos...

New York Times | Apr 08, 2018

President Trump tweeted that he and President Xi Jinping of China will “always be friends, no matter what happens with our dispute on trade.”

Los Angeles Times | Apr 08, 2018

To the editor: Too often the masses and their information are quietly targeted and controlled by a strongman who has control of the source of their news. We’ve seen this occur in countries like Russia, Germany and China. We are now witnessing the beginning of something like this in the United States....

Guardian | Apr 08, 2018

Memories of the 60s have come flooding back as the US and China face off on tariffs, but a cool-headed White House could stop the dispute heating upDuring the cold war, the US and the Soviet Union had the potential to obliterate each other with their nuclear arsenals. Both sides knew a conflict was unwinnable, and that explained why the missiles remained in their silos.

Los Angeles Times | Apr 07, 2018

Happy Saturday. What to do this weekend, other than checking in on Tiger Woods and certain irascible Twitter feeds? You could do worse than head to the San Gabriel Valley for some clay pot rice, according to Jonathan Gold: This week’s review is of Nature Pagoda, a Hong Kong clay pot specialist....