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Guardian | Nov 10, 2017

US president’s tirade against predatory economic policies comes just hours after he heaped praise on China Donald Trump has abruptly ended the diplomatic streak he displayed on his 12-day tour of Asia by launching a tirade against “violations, cheating or economic aggression” in the region, just hours after heaping lavish praise on China.Speaking at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) conference in Da Nang, Vietnam, on Friday, the US president’s words came across as a fierce telling off.

Guardian | Nov 10, 2017

First lady meets Beijing zoo’s ‘goodwill ambassadors’ Meng’er and Gu Gu and hands out toy bald eagles to local childrenMelania Trump spent time with a couple of China’s most prominent diplomats on her last day in Beijing on Friday: the pandas Meng’er and Gu Gu.While President Donald Trump jetted off to a summit in Vietnam after his state visit to China, the first lady stayed behind to see the Beijing zoo’s favourite tenants before heading to the Great Wall later in the day. ...

Foxnews | Nov 10, 2017

China's homegrown large passenger jet has touched down safely after its first long-haul test flight, bringing the nation one step closer to competing directly with aircraft giants in Europe and America.

Time | Nov 10, 2017

The world’s largest shopping holiday is coming on Nov. 11.
China’s Singles’ Day has been a bonanza since 2009, when e-commerce giant Alibaba began offering doorbuster deals on luxury items and electronics, apparel, home goods, jewelry, and even larger-ticket goods like appliances and motorcycles. But the holiday’s origins are less commercial: Singles’ Day was founded by Nanjing University students in 1993 to push back against social pressure to be in a...

New York Times | Nov 09, 2017

Once a vital American war base, the city is host to an APEC summit where Vietnam will reaffirm warmer ties with the United States and seek help with China.

Guardian | Nov 09, 2017

State news outlets herald visit in which US president impressed by showing respect and behaving well with Xi JinpingTerrific. Tremendous. An extraordinary few days. Such was Donald Trump’s characterisation of his pomp-filled sojourn in Beijing. Chinese newspapers and academics seconded those emotions on Friday morning, as the US president jetted off on the next leg of his Asian tour.

npr | Nov 09, 2017

President Trump just wrapped up a visit to Beijing that was heavy on ceremony and on which he lavished praise on Chinese President Xi Jinping and the country. Still, China didn't show signs of budging on contentious issues such as North Korea and U.S.-China trade.

Los Angeles Times | Nov 09, 2017

Sizing up the UCLA basketball roster, with player, year, position, height and comment: Prince Ali, sophomore, G, 6-3: Redshirt season taught valuable lessons in spacing, cutting and positioning. LiAngelo Ball, freshman, G, 6-5: China trip won’t represent brand-image bump for Big Baller Brand. Armani...

Foxnews | Nov 09, 2017

An environmental advocacy group claims that over 1.4 million rosewood logs from Nigeria worth $300 million were illegally sent to China after Nigeria's then-Environment Minister Amina Mohamed signed thousands of retroactive permits.

Washington Post | Nov 09, 2017

A year ago, Taiwan’s relations with the U.S. seemed strong. Now Trump needs China’s help with North Korea.

Guardian | Nov 09, 2017

The US president has been gushing about the Beijing stretch of his Asian tour. But strains in the bilateral relationship are growing with China’s ambitionsMao once observed that a revolution is not a dinner party. Neither are great power relations – even if they manifest temporarily as a lavish meal in the Forbidden City. Wednesday’s feast for Donald Trump was the first time the palace in central Beijing had hosted a banquet for a foreign leader since the Communist party took power in 1949.

Guardian | Nov 09, 2017
  • Ex-White House press aides denounce ‘embarrassing capitulation’
  • Sarah Sanders: ‘It was at the Chinese insistence there were no questions’

Donald Trump and Xi Jinping’s refusal to take reporter questions at a press conference in China prompted former press aides to Republican and Democratic US presidents to slam the White House for an “embarrassing capitulation”. Related: 'He'll tweet whatever he wants': Trump tour hits China...

Guardian | Nov 09, 2017

Three owners bought 166 dogs from NSW racetracks and sold them overseas, including to a Shanghai zoo which races the animals against cheetahsThree greyhound owners have been fined for exporting 166 dogs to cruel conditions in China, including to a Shanghai zoo notorious for racing the animals against cheetahs.The large-scale unauthorised greyhound export scheme relied on buying unwanted dogs at cheap prices from New South Wales racetracks and selling them on to China for profit.

npr | Nov 09, 2017

In Shanxi Province, coal is big business and a source of identity. Now China is closing and consolidating its coal mines under state ownership, and the region has not figured out how to rebound.(Image credit: Alyssa Edes/NPR)

npr | Nov 09, 2017

Chinese leader Xi Jinping gave little indication he was ready to budge on trade or North Korea, Trump's top priorities. $250 billion in deals were announced, but bigger issues remain unresolved.(Image credit: Nicolas Asfouri/AFP/Getty Images)