China News

New York Times | Aug 02, 2018

“Finnish Nightmares,” a cartoon series with a shy protagonist, has spawned a new word for social awkwardness in China: jingfen, or “spiritually Finnish.”

New York Times | Aug 02, 2018

The case against a religious official is a high-stakes test of whether China’s burgeoning #MeToo movement can take on powerful leaders.

Time | Aug 02, 2018

Eight years after their very public falling out, could China and Google be pals once again?
Whispers circulating Monday, first reported by The Intercept, suggested that Google would soon launch a Chinese version of its search engine that will kowtow to the Chinese Communist Party by scrubbing various bête noires: not least criticism of its human-rights record, calls for Tibetan independence and the...

Guardian | Aug 02, 2018

Built on land reclaimed from the Indian Ocean and funded with $1.4bn in Chinese investment, glossy plans for Port City inspire a mixture of optimism and alarm

The Sydney Morning Herald | Aug 01, 2018

Angela Merkel's government for the first time has vetoed a possible Chinese takeover of a German company, signalling increasing disquiet about China's desire to acquire sensitive technology.

Guardian | Aug 01, 2018

Chinese human rights groups criticise internet company for reportedly designing software that would leave out blacklisted contentGoogle is working on a mobile search app that would block certain search terms and allow it to reenter China after exiting eight years ago due to censorship and hacking, according to US media reports.The California-based internet company has engineers designing search software that would leave out content blacklisted by the Chinese government, according to a New York Times report citing two unnamed people familiar with the effort.

Washington Post | Aug 01, 2018

The United States is China’s biggest foreign supplier of the goods. Now come the tariffs. 

Los Angeles Times | Aug 01, 2018

President Trump on Wednesday tried to increase pressure on China to change its trade practices by directing administration officials to consider more than doubling the size of proposed tariffs he has already threatened to slap on $200 billion in imports. But the administration stopped short of...

npr | Aug 01, 2018

President Trump is ratcheting up the pressure on China over trade. The administration threatened to raise proposed tariffs on Chinese imports from 10 percent to 25 percent.(Image credit: Brian Snyder/Reuters)

Los Angeles Times | Aug 01, 2018

Humans aren’t the only commuters making use of the metro. A new study that examined the microbiome of the Hong Kong subway system found distinct bacterial “fingerprints” in each line during the morning – distinctions that blurred over the course of the afternoon. The findings, published in the...

New York Times | Aug 01, 2018

Google withdrew from China in 2010 to protest the country’s censorship. Now the internet giant is working on a search engine that complies with Chinese censorship rules.

Guardian | Aug 01, 2018

UK store seeks other investors as C.banner withdraws from £150m deal with profit warningHouse of Fraser has been dealt a potentially fatal blow after it confirming the collapse of a financial rescue deal from its Chinese white knight.C.banner, the Hong Kong-listed owner of Hamleys, said on Wednesday that a dive in its share price meant plans to raise £150m to invest in the struggling department store group had been “rendered impracticable and inadvisable”.

Christian Science Monitor | Aug 01, 2018

Environmentalists and local villagers have raised concerns about a hydroelectric dam being built on the Batang Toru River, part of China's massive Belt and Road infrastructure program. 

Guardian | Aug 01, 2018

Sayragul Sauytbay said during trial she had worked at ‘prison in the mountains’ in XinjiangA Chinese national who gave rare public testimony about China’s secretive “re-education” camps in Xinjiang will be allowed to stay in Kazakhstan, where she has applied for asylum.Sayragul Sauytbay, an ethnic Kazakh from Xinjiang, had been at risk of deportation to China after being charged with illegally crossing the border. Continue reading...

npr | Aug 01, 2018

Apple reported record sales in its most recent quarter on strong demand for iPhones and App Store purchases. But Apple could face trouble if the trade war with China escalates.