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Los Angeles Times | Apr 07, 2018

Trade war: In the April 5 Section A, an article about the escalating trade war between the U.S. and China said motorcycles were on the list of goods targeted by China. They are not. Opioid deaths: In the April 6 California section, an article about deaths tied to opioid overdoses said 4.9% of every...

Guardian | Apr 07, 2018

The story of Kang Ying, and the parents who searched 24 years for her, moved the countryGrowing up, Kang Ying didn’t think much about the fact that she was adopted. Her family, farmers in a rural county of China’s south-western Sichuan province, never treated her differently. When Kang asked about her birth parents, she was told she had been found on the street, a little girl no more than four years old, probably abandoned.In March, Kang, now 28, learned that was not the whole story. Married and with children of her own, she began to wonder about her own mother. She searched online for “...

The Sydney Morning Herald | Apr 07, 2018

China's state media has rallied against the United States, warning its trade protectionism actions would end in defeat.

New York Times | Apr 06, 2018

A growing percentage of medical devices and drugs used in American operating rooms are made in China, and many of them are on the White House’s list.

Guardian | Apr 06, 2018

The major indexes as well as tech stocks tumbled despite Trump officials downplaying any likelihood new tariffs would be enactedInvestors fled US stocks on Friday after Donald Trump threatened more tariffs against Chinese goods, China vowed to battle “to the end” and US employment data missed analysts’ expectations. Related: China threatens 'Trump country' with retaliatory tariffs ahead of midterms...

npr | Apr 06, 2018

NPR's Mary Louise Kelly speaks with Claire Reade from the Center for Strategic and International Studies about what the newest round of proposed tariffs mean for U.S.-China trade relations going forward.

Los Angeles Times | Apr 06, 2018

President Trump is pushing his trade dispute with China to new rhetorical heights. If the plan is to persuade China to back down before a trade war breaks out, however, it doesn’t appear to be working. After Trump rolled out plans to levy tariffs on imported goods — first on steel and aluminum,...

Guardian | Apr 06, 2018

Beijing says it would fight back against new Trump proposals for an additional $100bn in tariffsThe war of words between the Trump administration and China over trade has escalated after Beijing threatened to fight back “at any cost” against new US proposals for an additional $100bn (£71bn) in tariffs.

Guardian | Apr 06, 2018

The US president has raised the stakes again with fresh tariff threats. But trade with China is not the same thing as a buying real estateTrade wars do not start by accident. If the US and China contrive to launch a new era of tit-for-tat protectionism to match that last seen in the 1930s it will be because of political decisions taken in Washington and Beijing by those with a full understanding of the consequences of their action.

Los Angeles Times | Apr 06, 2018

Stocks on Wall Street opened lower Friday after President Trump proposed more tariffs on Chinese goods and China said it would “counterattack with great strength” if he followed through, adding that negotiations are impossible. Industrial companies were especially hard hit by the escalation in...

Foxnews | Apr 06, 2018

A sperm bank in China wants donors – but only if they're good Communists who “love the socialist motherland.”

Los Angeles Times | Apr 06, 2018

Amid our escalating trade war with China this week, President Trump’s top economic advisor, Larry Kudlow, tried to assure investors that, despite roiling stock markets, a “pot of gold” lies at the end of the dispute. But the brinkmanship on both sides is more likely to cost Americans a pot of gold...

The Sydney Morning Herald | Apr 06, 2018

US President Donald Trump says he has instructed US trade officials to consider $US100 billion ($130 billion) in additional tariffs on China.

Time | Apr 06, 2018

To quote Will Ferrell in the hit movie Anchorman, “Boy, that escalated quickly.”
On Friday, China’s Commerce Ministry said it would fight “at any cost” new $100 billion tariffs proposed by U.S. President Donald Trump, indicating Beijing’s resolve to respond in kind to punitive measures Washington has threatened for alleged Chinese intellectual property (IP) theft.

Guardian | Apr 06, 2018

Li Wenzu does not know if Wang Quanzhang is still alive as she embarks on 100km journey to where he was last detainedThe wife of a detained Chinese human rights lawyer who has embarked on a 100-kilometre march to highlight his plight says she does not even know if he is still alive.Wang Quanzhang, who defended political activists and victims of land seizures, has had no contact with the outside world since he disappeared in a 2015 police sweep. He has...