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Time | Jan 06, 2019

(HAVANA) — Jose Ramon Fernandez, a retired Cuban brigadier general who was key in forming the communist country’s new army and commanded Cuban defenses at the Bay of Pigs, died on Sunday, state media reported. He was 95.
Tall and spindly with the rigid posture of a military man, Fernandez in his final years remained a legendary figure and served for a time as a vice president on Cuba’s Council of Ministers, or Cabinet. A founding member of the Communist Party of Cuba, he was reelected to the party’s...

Time | Jan 06, 2019

(BEIJING) — China has sounded a positive note ahead of trade talks this week with Washington, but the two sides face potentially lengthy wrangling over technology and the future of their economic relationship.
Both sides have expressed an interest in settling their tariff fight over Beijing’s technology ambitions. Yet neither has indicated its stance has changed since a Dec. 1 agreement by Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping to postpone...

Guardian | Jan 06, 2019

Fresh round of negotiations comes as Chinese economy shows signs of a slowdown US and Chinese officials will meet in the first face-to-face negotiations since a 90-day truce was declared in a trade war between Washington and Beijing, in the hope of ending a bruising confrontation between the world’s two largest economies.After failing to reach an agreement in December when Donald Trump and Xi Jinping met, both sides agreed to suspend tariff increases while holding talks on technology...

Guardian | Jan 06, 2019

As Donald Trump and Xi Jinping prepare to meet over the tariff war, both sides need a solutionFor the US it was a wake-up call.

Guardian | Jan 06, 2019

Developing markets offer growth: but the firm’s phones must become cheaper and its services must compete with local rivalsAfter years of boom, Apple looks set for a rockier road in 2019 – partly through faults of its own and partly through social and economic factors that are affecting all the big smartphone manufacturers.The company’s chief executive, Tim Cook, laid the blame for a shock cut in sales forecasts – and the subsequent share price tumble – on the economic ...

Guardian | Jan 06, 2019

Even superpowers and trillion-dollar tech giants are at risk in a fast-changing societyOur mental geography is bounded by what has gone before. What has happened in the recently remembered past is most likely to continue. Inflection points, when trends decisively change, are more infrequent than the many instances when things go on as they have done.Two of today’s trends seem unstoppable. China’s astounding growth will continue, so the story runs, underwriting its arrival as the second economic superpower. To get a share in that China action, underpinning the entire growth of Asia, is one...

Guardian | Jan 06, 2019

Landing a spacecraft on the far side of the moon is a fine achievement – and propaganda winNasa rejected it as too difficult and costly an undertaking. Last week, China declared “mission accomplished” after landing a spacecraft, Chang’e-4, on the far side of the moon.It was a remarkable endeavour. As the far side of the moon never faces the Earth, mission control cannot communicate directly with the spacecraft, but only via an orbiting satellite....

Guardian | Jan 05, 2019

Talks begin this week in Beijing to end the trade war – and even titans such as Apple are feeling its impactIt epitomises China’s position in the global economy that a seismic warning about its health last week came from a US company: Apple. The iPhone maker cut sales forecasts, citing the unforeseen “magnitude” of the economic slowdown in China – a vital growth market. At the same time the head of Baidu, China’s biggest search engine, warned his employees that “winter is coming” in...

Guardian | Jan 05, 2019

Slowing growth and rising debt at home may affect Beijing’s ability to keep up its vast investments in the developing worldConcerns over Chinese growth could spell problems for Africa and other parts of the developing world.

Foxnews | Jan 04, 2019

China's space agency says all systems are go for its spacecraft and rover that have made a pioneering landing on the far side of the moon.

Guardian | Jan 04, 2019

As US officials fly to Beijing for negotiations, the president says the Chinese ‘sort of have to’ make a deal on tariffs Donald Trump has said China’s weakening economic growth puts the United States in a strong position as negotiators from the world’s two largest economies prepare for trade talks on Monday.US officials are heading to Beijing this weekend for the first face-to-face talks since Trump and China’s president, Xi Jinping, agreed in December to a 90-day truce in the trade war as they sought to strike a deal. Related:...

New York Times | Jan 04, 2019

Zhou Xiaoxuan is fighting China’s patriarchal culture. In her quest for justice, she has vowed that nothing will get in her way.

Time | Jan 04, 2019

China hit back on Friday against a new U.S. advisory that warns citizens to “exercise increased caution” there when traveling.
Lu Kang, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said the advice “cannot stand up to scrutiny,” according to the Associated Press.
The Jan. 3 travel advisory, issued by the State Department, warned of the “arbitrary enforcement of local laws” and “special restrictions” on people with dual U.S. and Chinese...

Washington Post | Jan 04, 2019

Twitter is officially banned in China. But only recently have Chinese authorities started to worry about the power of tweets.

npr | Jan 04, 2019

Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian election interference gets a lot of attention, but U.S. Justice Department and other security officials say the real espionage threat comes from China.